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Field characters

Pileus: small, convex to plane, often with a depression, often with striate margin
Annulus: none
Stipe: "especially tough" (Largent and Baroni, 1988) with reddish wooly hairs at the base, centric to slightly eccentric.
Stature: Omphaloid
Ecology: saprophyte on plant material, often on decayed logs (Largent and Baroni, 1988); on conifer wood (Bessette et al., 1997).

Micro characters

Basidiospores: smooth, white and amyloid
Hyphae: inamyloid with clamp connections. Pigment encrusting walls of hyphae
Cystidia: various; numerous on some individuals, rare on others (Singer, 1986)
Spore Print: white
Lamellae: adnate to decurrent, yellow-yellow orange
Lamellar Trama: regular
Pileipellis: filamentous


A small, colorful mushroom, often occurring in large, dense clusters on decaying logs.

Bessette et al., 1997 list only one species (X. campanella) in our area.