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Field characters

Pileus: convex to convex-planar, variously colored
Annulus: usually absent – present in one group.
Stipe: distinctly fleshy (Largent and Thiers, 1977)
Stature: Tricholomatoid
Ecology: almost always on the ground in woodlands, more frequent in the latter part of the growing season. Ectomycorrhizal.

Micro characters

Basidiospores: smooth, ellipsoid-ovoid, inamyloid
Hyphae: with or without clamp connections (important in analysis of Singer, 1986)
Cystidia: none to rare. (always? present according to
Spore Print: white
Lamellae: attached, usually sinuate
Lamellar Trama: regular to irregular
Pileipellis: filamentous


I have found this a difficult genus to recognize. Frankly, it is quite non-descript. If, however, the gills are sinuate (notched) and it has white spores it is likely a Tricholoma.

Arora, 1986 says it has the "stature of Entoloma (pink spores) and Hebeloma (brown spores). Of the white spored genera, Gymnopus (Collybia) has a cartilaginous stalk, Tricholomopsis (Megacollybia) grows on wood,…and Clitocybe has adnate or decurrent gills…Melanoleuca, Leucopaxillus and Lyophyllum differ microscopically."