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Field characters

Pileus: convex, dry and wrinkled
Annulus: present
Stipe: thick and fleshy, with a volva-like membrane at the base, striate above the annulus
Stature: Armillarioid
Ecology: on the ground (ectomycorrhizal)

Micro characters

Basidiospores: elliptical, roughened to warty, dextrinoid no germ pore
Hyphae: often encrusted-amyloid with clamp connections
Cystidia: none; may have some scattered cheilocystidia
Spore Print: rusty brown to orange-buff
Lamellae: attached
Lamellar Trama: regular
Pileipellis: filamentous


This is one of the genera segregated from the Friesian concept of Pholiota.
Arora, 1986 describes it as a "Cortinarius with a membranous veil". There is only one species around here: R. caperata (The Gypsy), and [[singer86]] lists only two species, so this is a small genus, but widely spread.

Look for the wrinkled cap and the annulus. The specimens I have seen were quite robust.