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Field characters

Pileus: none
Annulus: nope
Stipe: nada
Stature: nyet
Ecology: no
Odor: various

Micro characters

Basidiospores: none
Hyphae: absent
Cystidia: nope
Spore Print: nein
Lamellae: absent
Lamellar Trama: none
Pileipellis: nope


Some say that professor McGinty is the authority on this genus, but that is in dispute.

The illustrated specimen was colleceted by Jim Berlstein at the Highlands Biological Station in North Carolina in the summer of 2004. According to Jim, a true member of this genus has to be mycetaceous enough to fool the collector into bending down and picking up the specimen, which he did...but, if I remember, it was pouring rain at the time.

Others claim that a Pseudomycetum is anything that fools a collector at a distance.

The debate will continue.