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Field characters

Pileus: surface color white to grayish or pinkish(in many of our specimens)more or less semi-circular in shape
Annulus: absent
Stipe: absent to lateral,short and/or eccentric
Stature: Pleurotoid
Ecology: on living or dead wood

Micro characters

Basidiospores: smooth, cylindric and inamyloid
Cystidia: usually none
Spore Print: white to grayish-lilac
Lamellae: decurrent to adnate decurrent
Lamellar Trama: irregular


Pleurotus is an easy genus to identify, if you look at the spores. A number of genera (Lentinus, Lentinellus, Hypsizygous and Panellus) superficially resemble Pleurotus, but, of this group only Pleurotus has inamyloid, cylindric shaped spores. The reader is referred to Largent and Baroni (1988) for a good description of the differences in these genera.