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Field characters

Pileus: brightly colored (yellow or orange), convex to depressed, glabrous
Annulus: absent
Stipe: often densely clustered, centric to slightly eccentric
Stature: intermediate between Clitocyboid and Pleurotoid (Singer, 1986)
Ecology: on wood, and luminescent

Micro characters

Basidiospores: smooth, inamyloid, globose
Hyphae: with clamp connections
Cystidia: sometimes cystidioles near edge of lamellae (Singer,1986)
Spore Print: white to cream
Lamellae: decurrent
Lamellar Trama: irregular to subregular
Pileipellis: undifferentiated (Singer,1986)


There are not many species in this genus the common one (O. illudens, or O. olearius according to Arora, 1986) even has a common name Jack-o-Lantern, because of its luminescence.

It often grows in large clusters, and because of its orange color is frequently collected.