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Field characters

Pileus: conic, often splitting at edges, thin-fleshed, glabrous
Annulus: none
Stipe: thin and fragile, cartilaginous
Stature: Mycenoid
Ecology: saprophytic, in grassy areas or woodlands, on ground.

Micro characters

Basidiospores: angular (often almost square in our species) in all views
Cystidia: present or absent
Spore Print: pink
Lamellae: nearly free or slightly adnate or adnexed
Pileipellis: repent and tangled hyphae (Largent and Baroni, 1988)


Like Leptonia, Singer, 1986 lists Nolanea as a subgenus of Entoloma. So, at least for many of the pink-spored mushrooms (Rhodophylloid genera), Singer is a "lumper" rather than a "splitter". According to him the main differential feature of the subgenus Nolanea is it Mycenoid stature. Roody, 2003 does not recognize the genus. See also for a detailed description and keys for and to this genus (or subgenus).

Barron, 1999 and Bessette et al., 1997 do recognize the genus and the latter list 6 species for the northeast.