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Field characters

Pileus: brownish to reddish, with a slimy (viscid) surface when wet, shiny when dry (Largent and Baroni, 1988)
Annulus: slimy or absent
Stipe: central, white, turning dark upon handling
Stature: Clitocyboid
Ecology: mycorrhizal with conifers

Micro characters

Basidiospores: fairly large, fusiform without germ pore, clearly dark colored even under magnification
Hyphae: inamyloid
Cystidia: pleuro and cheilocystidia present
Spore Print: dark brown to blackish
Lamellae: decurrent, fairly widely spaced, thick
Lamellar Trama: regular
Pileipellis: ixorectocutis or ixotomentum (


Gomphidius has a gelatinous universal veil, so the young fruiting bodies are covered in a transparent slime. The partial veil is also gelatinous, when present.

This genus is quite easy to identify in the field. It might be confused with Chroogomphus, but we have yet to encounter that genus in this area.