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Field characters

Pileus: convex to umbonate, smooth (glabrous) and fleshy
Annulus: none
Stature: usually Tricholomatoid, sometimes Naucorioid (Largent, 1986)
Ecology: may or may not be mycorrhizal, on the ground

Micro characters

Basidiospores: angular, cyanophilous, inamyloid
Hyphae: inamyloid, clamp connections present in some
Cystidia: present or absent
Spore Print: pinkish
Lamellae: variable, but attached in some manner, usually "fleshy brown in color" (Largent and Thiers, 1977). Often sinuate.
Lamellar Trama: regular


There are a number of species of Entoloma in this area. The color of the gills is a useful character, and the spores and spore print are very distinct. Other than that there is nothing in the field that gives this genus away. It is a very typical mushroom moderate size with no annulus. In the fall one can collect large numbers of the "aborted Entoloma", which has been infected with a parasite, probably Armillariella.

The other pink-spored genera we have found in this area are Leptonia and Nolanea, but they seem quite distinct. Entoloma, in the Friesian sense included all mushrooms with pinkish, angular spores. The two genera mentioned above would be included in Entoloma under that concept e.g.