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Field characters

Pileus: convex with a somewhat inrolled margin, light colored and the lamellae are poorly (if at all) developed.
Annulus: absent
Stipe: central, same color as the cap
Ecology: saprophytic on decaying mushrooms (usually Russula or Lactarius)
Odor: unpleasant, somewhat fishy

Micro characters

Basidiospores: absent in my specimens although they have been reported to be inamyloid and smooth, but numerous chlamydospores (asexual spores) present on the upper surface of the cap
Cystidia: N/A
Spore Print: none for basidospores although they have been reported to be light colored; light brown for the chlamydospores
Lamellae: mostly absent...a few specimens have thickend well spaced lamellae
Lamellar Trama: N/A


Thanks to John Wheeler for this collection. In some field guides (e.g. Barron 1999) this genus is called Nyctalis, but that seems to be an older name. The species John collected is A. lycoperdoides meaning "resembling a puffball"

This should be an easy genus to identify with the asexual spores on the cap, and the lack of well developed gills, and its habit of growing on mushrooms.