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Field characters

Pileus: convex to planar in age, sometimes with an umbo
Annulus: absent
Stipe: Up to 15 cm long and partially subterrestrial. (Up to 12 cm according to Halling,1983). Not tapering, 8-15 mm diameter
Stature: Tricholomatoid
Ecology: saprophytic on the ground over much decayed woodnone
Odor: none but taste bitter

Micro characters

Basidiospores: globose to ovoid, at least some dextrinoid
Hyphae: with clamp connections
Spore Print: buff to pinkish
Lamellae: close to crowded, adnate to adnexed with eroded or uneven margins


Rhodocollybia is one of the genera separated from the Freisian sense of "Collybia" by Halling at NYBG. R. maculata is the only species I have encountered in this area.

My specimen differed from Halling's description in a couple of ways. First, the taste was not "bitter" as frequently mentioned in the literature. Second, the gills are not a crowded as they appear to be in Halling's photographs.

My specimen, kindly provided by John Wheeler, was too old to yield a spore print, but I am 95% sure this is Rhodocollybia.

For a good description of the splitting of the old concept of Collybia , see The Mushroom