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Welcome to Mushrooms at Simon's Rock

An aid to the identification of the genera of agarics

This website is designed to assist the experienced
novice/mycophagist/college student, etc, in identifying Agarics
(the “mushrooms” and/or “toadstools”) exclusively.

There is no glossary or key because many other websites and books contain
them, and I saw no need to duplicate effort. The site is very user friendly,
and I am sure you will be able to navigate around quite easily.

A couple of important notes.

The spore photographs are all of the same magnification, so although
I have yet to put a micrometer scale on the photos, you can compare
sizes easily.

Any photo without a credit or copyright notice was taken by me. You are
welcome to use it, but please credit me when doing so.

No doubt, I have made errors. It is most important that this information
is accurate, so please notify me at if you
find errors, disagree with my analysis, or if you are familiar with any
literature of which I should be aware.